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Lisa Hiebert Best Care Dry Cleaners

After purchasing our first piece of equipment from Sankosha we noticed a difference immediately in the quality of finishing. Our pressers were spending less time per piece and producing a higher quality garment. After this realization we started to replace all our aging equipment with Sankosha models.

From our pant topper to hot head press to auto bagger, Sankosha equipment does not let us down. We do basic regular maintenance on the equipment and then really don’t worry about it. Sankosha equipment is the most reliable equipment we have owned over the past 40 plus years in business.

We had a wonderful experience with our most recent additions; the quad col- lar cuff and double buck shirt unit. A Sankosha representative came out to make sure installation went smoothly and then trained our shirt pressers. Our pressers love the new shirt finishing equipment and our customers love the way their shirts look.

Thank you for the quality machinery you produce and for the excellent customer service you provide!

Jan Caon Barlow Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners

What a blessing! The PS290U auto bagger from Sankosha is a dream come true! We started barcoding shirt laundry and dry cleaning with auto assembly before all the best places for barcodes were discovered.

As the economy changed, the labor savings from barcoding was wonderful. We didn’t realize the additional labor savings we would immediately realize with the PS290U.

Adding the PS290U has made IAB Inspection - Assembly Bagging, a ONE person job! This addition has saved my company time, money and labor.

Steve Grashoff President of Peerless Cleaners and CRDN of Northern Indiana

We recently installed 4 new Sankosha double buck shirt units and 2 quad collar and cuff presses. We have experienced phenomenal quality and productivity. The new units have been very user friendly and easy to train our pressers to produce great quality very quickly.

The shirt equipment has given us the confidence in the quality of the shirts leaving our plant that has allowed us to increase our shirt pricing significantly.

This is our second purchase of Sankosha shirt equipment as we upgraded and stayed with Sankosha after 10 years due to the quality of the equipment, customer service and finished product.

With shirt quality being one the main factors in a customer’s decision to use your business I would only put my trust in Sankosha for quality and service.

Steven Toltz President of Dependable Cleaners

The benefit of Sankosha equipment is the quality of the product it produces; never a broken button or touch up. The most important feature of their equipment is the ease of operation. We can take a person off the front counter and put them on the press. Within a few minutes their finishing looks as good as an experienced presser. It's a one time investment that pays dividends daily.

Switching my company to Sankosha allowed us to change our niche. The quality we produce permitted our price structure to move to the high end of the dry-cleaning spectrum.

Paula Kostick Classic Drycleaners & Laundromats

The relationship we developed with Sankosha has been phenomenal. We replaced every single piece of equipment in our plant to their brand. Switching to them has made a huge impact on our business, keeping excellent quality with minimal touch ups, and a huge increase in our productivity.

Sankosha equipment is very efficient on the bottom line as well. Our utilities have dropped off substantially. They require less boiler horsepower to run versus the conventional pressing equipment we had in place.

Sankosha is an excellent company to partner up with! It's always service with a smile and they treat you as their family. Best investment you can make as an operator. State of the Art Equipment and State of the Art Attitudes. Innovation at its best!